Unity SDK Access

This page covers the steps to accessing the latest official Gameboard Unity SDK.

UnityHub Package Manager Configuration

To consume the published package in UnityHub you have to:

  • Create an entry on the Project Settings -> Package Manager -> Scoped Registries section like in the following image:

  • Name LastGameboard

  • Url https://lastgameboard.jfrog.io/artifactory/api/npm/unity-plugin

  • Scope(s) com.lastgameboard.unity

  • Within Windows -> Package Manager pressing down in the arrow icon you will find an entry called My registries. The displayName should be displayed below the author name (both defined in the package.json)

After installing the package, find the Gameboard menu at the top of the unity header, and click “Add SDK” to add the Gameboard GameObject to your project:

After adding the gameboard object, you may want to review the Unity SDK Overview to see which portions of the SDK are relevant to your game.